Playing with metal


Bronze and copper disc earrings
Bronze and copper disc earrings     photo: tomi

It has been a busy summer. At least it feels like I have been busy all the time. One of the things I have focused on during this well deserved vacation , is playing with metal and combinations. One of the simpler results of that , is these lightweight textured and domed discs. They look great on everybody.  In these I have textured using both the rolling mill, and some new hammers I got but have not had the chance to use until now.  In addition I have used steel wool.  As all my pieces, these have had their time in the tumbler as well.

A day to pause

Reading my online newspapers today they are full of remembrance. Memories of that day four years ago when Norway lost it`s innocence.  We all feel a deep sorrow, and it resurfaces every year on this day. It`s a day for tears.

It is also a day for love and hope. It was also the day and weeks where the nation pulled together. Days when complete strangers comforted you on the subway, or we simply just cried together a bit.  For norwegians, such behaviour is unheard of. But we did it then.

Days before I started making this simple earring, with the words love and hope stamped inside. I have made a pair for myself as well.

Aqua copper earrings , apatite earrings
Aqua copper earrings , apatite earrings


Busy days

My time has not been my own since august. There has been so much to do with my daywork, and I have fallen behind in updating my inventory. I have however finished a necklace for a lovely lady that turned 40 recently. No pics alas. I was very happy with the result, and will probably make something similar again. Without a picture I am ensuring I am not making it exactly the same. Smart!

The stone I used in the necklace was Jasper Kambaba, A fun and special type of stone.

Jasper kumbaba earrings
Jasper kambaba earrings

Here it is used in earrings. It is not really a jasper, I am not sure why it is called that. Maybe because of the patterns. It is really a stromatolite with fossiled algea. Found in Madagascar, and as many of the minerals we carry in our ears and neck – millions of years old. Don`t you just love that. Wearing a piece of earths history!

On the workbench in july

workbench july2014
Wrapped thulite and kyanite with copper wire.
Viking knit bezel wrapped olivine with copper wire.


Even though the summer in Oslo is crazy hot, I have managed to do something at my workbench. Not at all as much as I wanted, but a few things.

I want to wrap stones from Norway specifically, and hopefully in such a fashion that it looks nice on a necklace. I have experimented with different solutions. This is still a work in progress.

I like to keep it simple, so that the stone is not covered in wirewrap. This is a viking knit bezel wrap,mostly suited for stones that are round. The stone is an olivine.



wrapped kyanite
Border wrapped kyanite with sterling silver wire.


When I was in Bergen earlier this year I stumbled over a stone shop at Bryggen. There I found this amazing Kyanite, that shows off the structure of the mineral so nicely. I was a bit afraid I could break it, but it survived both the wrap and the tumbling.

Here I have used silver sterling wire. Initially I tried one in copper, but the stone demanded silver.




wrapped thulitt
Borderwrapped thulite with copper wire


One stone I particularly am fond of is this. the thulite – the national stone of Norway in some eyes. It is named thulite after Thule, the ancient name for Norway. This one is from Lom.  I just adore this colour.

I am trying to stock up more of this whenever I can.


Inspired by Art Nouveau

Lapis Lazuli fish with handcrafted copper chain
Lapis Lazuli fish with handcrafted copper chain

I love how this handmade chain flows. There something art nouveau-ish about it I think. Maybe that is why I like it so much. This is a handcarved fish of Lapis Lazuli.

The copper chain concists of links joined by jumprings. The necklace is then tumbled for hours, and patinated, then polished.  It is a labour-intensive process, but I am very happy with how it looks.

Lapis Lazuli fish with handcrafted copper chain detail
Lapis Lazuli fish with handcrafted copper chain detail