Another favourite bead shop

Photo by stephane_p on Flickr

I wrote about the quest to find good sources of quality beads about 3 years ago. Back then I shared information about the shop I found, Magpie Gemstones.  I no longer buy gemstone beads so often as I once did, but when I do  – I often end up buying from Magpie. I also try to shop from another good source of quality beads, Nelson Beads.

As Magpie, Joanne at Nelson beads will give you all information you need to make a knowledgeable purchase.  She focuses on round gemstone beads, and has a variety of different gemstones. Some of the beads she carry are absolutely gorgeous. Just check out her golden obsidian for example. I have made myself a pair of earrings using these, and I just love them.  She also carried some remarkable rose quartz beads from Madagascar, that was of a much higher quality than the usual dyed Chinese stuff I had previously bought. She no longer have that available, but wrote she might get some more in the future.

I am not affiliated with Nelson Beads at all, nor Magpie. I just want both these shops to thrive and prosper, so I can continue to buy from them when the need arise. I stumbled upon both from blog posts such as this one. Here is hoping they both get more customers because of my blog post.

More in blue


Kyanite earrings


I do not know why, but I always come back to this colour. The blue . Light and dark . I try to make other things with other colours, and sometimes I succeed. Then I need to make something blue again. The name Kyanite comes from the Greek word “kyanos” – meaning blue. If you are into geology, there is plenty of information over at  mindat, an excellent source of information on all things mineral.  If you are into the metaphysical aspect of things, the stone is “unlimited in application” according to a website. Not so happy with the picture though, it is a constant work in progress.

What’s up with that ?

Tangled metal wire. Yeah, that was fun…

You know how these workshops, studies, hobby rooms tend to be … crowded. Mostly, even if it looks messy, the owner will know where everything is – cause everything has it’s own place.

It can be tidy, it can be messy – but everything has it’s own place. Right?  Yes.

I have one of those. Small, but very organized studio. Eveything in boxes and shelves. For some reason I  very often find myself searching for that tool I just placed right.. there , in the open  – and when I need it, it is not there. At all. Searching around for it nearby will usually be futile as well. Sometimes I move on, without the tool. Other times I just spend hours searching for it. When it does show up, as it always do after some time, it is in a place I would never have thought of putting it. What is up with that ? What is happening? Am I getting blackouts now?  Is this an age thing? Does this happen to you ?  Ooof.

Some days are worse than others I have noticed.

There is not much to be done about it I suppose, other than to be patient while you search. Listen to some music perhaps. Going through some ideas in your head for new things to make , when you find this .. tool.

Or take a breather and  write a blog post about it.

Ok, back into the fray!

Opening crafts.tomi shop


Grønn turkis , sølv og grønne øreringer , ekte turkis , briolette øreringer , håndlaget i Norge

I am so excited! For awhile now I have been working on getting an online commerce solution up and running on this site .  The major hurdle was choosing which one of the many different payment solutions I wanted to add. There are many options, but most of them are rather costly with monthly fees. I ended up going for two  that only charge a fee whenever I sell something.  Paypal and Stripe.  Installing the plug in WooCommerce went without a glitch, but I had to have some help getting the SSL-certificate installed.  Now all I have to do is actually adding products. Whew!

So why going through all this trouble? I like working out from my own site, as I see the commercial ones changing the algorithm often. It can sometimes be time consuming to keep up.  I want to test this out for a bit, and see where it leads. Besides, it is fun doing new things. I will continue to add to my Etsy shop , as well as doing a few shows every year.