More in blue


Kyanite earrings


I do not know why, but I always come back to this colour. The blue . Light and dark . I try to make other things with other colours, and sometimes I succeed. Then I need to make something blue again. The name Kyanite comes from the Greek word “kyanos” – meaning blue. If you are into geology, there is plenty of information over at  mindat, an excellent source of information on all things mineral.  If you are into the metaphysical aspect of things, the stone is “unlimited in application” according to a website. Not so happy with the picture though, it is a constant work in progress.

Playing with metal


Bronze and copper disc earrings
Bronze and copper disc earrings     photo: tomi

It has been a busy summer. At least it feels like I have been busy all the time. One of the things I have focused on during this well deserved vacation , is playing with metal and combinations. One of the simpler results of that , is these lightweight textured and domed discs. They look great on everybody.  In these I have textured using both the rolling mill, and some new hammers I got but have not had the chance to use until now.  In addition I have used steel wool.  As all my pieces, these have had their time in the tumbler as well.