Spring might be coming.

earrings, Market, Mineral / Sunday, March 18th, 2018
Blue earrings:  left Larimar, top right Campitos Turquoise, lower right Amazonite from Peru.

I have had a break from soldering and hammering this winter. It has been so cold in my little studio, that I have opted for my living room instead. My tiny garden is still filled with snow, it has been as high as 150 cm out there.

A real spring sign is the annual market of “Husflidslaget” which is a country wide organization for crafts here in Norway, with local groups. In Oslo we have 5 local groups, divided geographically.  I am attending the market with a booth this weekend, and thoroughly enjoying it. Even though getting to the market is filled with peril, as the roads are icy and slippery. We all move very slow these days, it is like a city in slow motion.


Have a great day!