Buying a wordpress theme

General, Online shops / Sunday, November 5th, 2017

After almost 10 years of blogging, I bought my first WordPress theme last month. It is the one I am currently using on this site.  All those years I have been forced to always check for new free themes, updating functionality  for mobile devices etc.  All of that is hopefully now history. Not to say I will never update the theme on this site ever again, but I hope it will last for a few years at least.

The strength of the current theme is the way it combines both blogging and WooCommerce. It displays my products beautifully, and at the same time gives some customization to the posts.

It was a lot of work changing the content of this site to be more theme – friendly. Now I know what to do for all the coming posts at least, so I do not have to do that again. Before, I have always added images in the post itself, not using the function ->featured image in WordPress. Now I have to use that function in order to get a thumbnail displayed.  In the post itself I then need to add another image.

There are still a few functions I would like, that this theme do not let me set easily. Maybe I can figure that out a later date. So far the author has been most forthcoming and helpful, so that is promising.

I bought the theme on the site Creative Market, a really good site with a lot of high quality graphics. If you sign up, you get free downloads once a week. That can include fonts, mockups, icons, backgrounds and more.

Now I just need to update the product side of things.