A market during a pandemic? That is just crazy!

General, Market, Norway, Urban life / Sunday, November 1st, 2020

A few years back now I attended the Christmas market at Bygdøy. A large market with loads of vendors over a big outdoors area. It is located at The Norwegian Museum of Cultural History, and draws huge crowds every year.

This year, they say they will try to keep the tradition, but only with 2000 visitors at a time – and only presold tickets. I have signed up for two days, the last market weekend in mid December. I am not really sure how that is going to work, but I am confident that they will cancel if they feel they can not keep people safe. Although I am hopeful, I do realize that it might not happen.

Now, this is a very cold place – and I must take precautions not to get too cold standing still for many hours.

I am so looking forward to it. I just want to be somewhere lively, with people, selling my things and feeling as if life is alright, everything is normal – and to get into that Christmas spirit.

Edit: I had written the above, rather excited and busy preparing for a few days out in the cold – then I got the email today. It is sadly cancelled. Ah well, I should not be surprised. What took me by surprise was my reaction to the cancellation. It really made me so sad, so sad. I am just trying to go on, making good of the situation as best as I can. Trying not to think of the pandemic too much, and try to continue with my life. I understood then that it does not really take that much for this resolve to falter. Just a cancellation of a market might be enough to throw me off.

I found a gel print I made earlier this year to be the image of this post. I find it very fitting.