Learning the amazing art of nuno felting

General, Technique, Urban life / Tuesday, August 8th, 2023

I need a new hobby as much as I need a round of Covid, that is – not at all. I am struggling with the limitations of my apartment, and often find myself completely unable to find – anything.

However – when I saw a course not far away from me in nuno felting, I could not resist. What is nuno felting you say? It is when you use another material as a background fabric, and lay wool on top of that. The result is of course amazing.

My first attempt came out looking not at all like what other people made, but I was just happy to have learned something new. You never know when you need that particular knowledge in something else you might try.

I made a scarf you can loop around your neck twice. It works as intended:)

The whole experience was rather costly. It was a course over two days and those tend to be on the more expensive side, in addition to the materials needed. I used you tube extensively before the course, and found a lot of information on the technique there. If you want to know more I found this channel and video useful. I do think you can derive as much info as you need from you tube, and try it out on your own.