What’s up with that ?

Tangled metal wire. Yeah, that was fun…

You know how these workshops, studies, hobby rooms tend to be … crowded. Mostly, even if it looks messy, the owner will know where everything is – cause everything has it’s own place.

It can be tidy, it can be messy – but everything has it’s own place. Right?  Yes.

I have one of those. Small, but very organized studio. Eveything in boxes and shelves. For some reason I  very often find myself searching for that tool I just placed right.. there , in the open  – and when I need it, it is not there. At all. Searching around for it nearby will usually be futile as well. Sometimes I move on, without the tool. Other times I just spend hours searching for it. When it does show up, as it always do after some time, it is in a place I would never have thought of putting it. What is up with that ? What is happening? Am I getting blackouts now?  Is this an age thing? Does this happen to you ?  Ooof.

Some days are worse than others I have noticed.

There is not much to be done about it I suppose, other than to be patient while you search. Listen to some music perhaps. Going through some ideas in your head for new things to make , when you find this .. tool.

Or take a breather and  write a blog post about it.

Ok, back into the fray!

The summer vacation of my dreams

At the moment, my vacation consists of this:

Improvised soldering station

Where I am hovering over even more tiny things I can hardly see, thus the magnifier there.  I am working with paste soldering at the moment, but I need some wire soldering too I found. There are times when cut up wire would be easier to apply.  This is pure training, and it takes time. A lot of time.  Which is why I feel it is so important for me to spend parts of my vacation on this. When work start up again in august, my head will be filled with other things.  I have had a few chats and talks with people who want me to travel. “You need to get out and see other things!”  Why, I reply – when I happier where I am ? Because!, they say. Well, not quite, but you get the idea….  I do understand where they are coming from, and I appreciate their concern. Maybe I will, maybe I will not. I still have a few weeks.

Do not let anyone tell you how you have to spend your vacation. It is you that need to relax, and it is you who know how.

Results of my vacation will hopefully be visible in my Etsy-shop, or during a market. Or maybe not. Maybe I have to scrap everything. But I am persistent! Enjoy your summer, and do not forget to spend time here:

Your bare feet need to walk on this, do not forget! Or , don’t bother with it 🙂



Trip to my neighbours

A narrow cosy street in the City of Copenhagen. photo: tomi

I went with my colleagues to another seminar, this time not to Paris, but to Gothenburg.  Last time I was there,  I was applying to get into an actor school. Ended up making a mess and got rescued by Pippi Longstockings. No, I am not kidding now  – and yes there is a story there. Maybe later…

Feeling courageous, I drove  down to Gothenburg, and felt so brave I drove down even further to Lund, to meet up with family after the work seminar was done.  My former sister in law lives there.  Did not get to see my lovely nephews and niece sadly.  Parked my car, and took the train over to Copenhagen to meet up with a long time friend of mine.  She married a danish guy, a very good choice. We have known eachother for  almost 50 years now.  We were really close during our teen years, and hang together all the time.

I was not travelling for a long period of time, only a few days – but when I came home it felt like I had been travelling for much longer.  The long drive back might have had something to do with that.

I of course had to get a picture of the bridge between Denmark and Sweden on my way back home.  So into the TV-series “Broen” , I just love that story.

Bridge between Denmark and Sweden, this from the Danish side. photo: tomi


I read about it last year. That the norwegian word “hygge”, and what it represents had become a trend.  The sources I have read, all mentions it’s a danish word, some mentions it as scandinavian. It is also that, but norwegians have this perfected.  We have in addition the verb “kose” – which is what you activally are doing when you are in a state of “hygge”. There is however, a distinction between the two.  When a norwegian tells you that your last dinner with them was “hyggelig” , it’s more formal than when the same person tells you it was “koselig”. There is a distance in the choice of words.

The winter finally came to this old country of mine. It’s been a strange winter. Not even white on christmas eve.  But with the winter and cold outside the door, it’s even more necessary to make sure you have some “kos. “

Slow TV programs bought by Netflix

Not something craftish – but this was so fun I had to share. NRK – the public broadcast company in Norway has made what they have called Slow TV. Programs that lasts for hours, like the travel by train from Oslo to Bergen, all 7 hours of it.  Or the ferry Hurtigruten, along the whole coast of Norway – ca 135 hours.

I have watched parts of these, and they are strangely captivating. 

Now Netflix have bought 2 of these.  Make sure you get to view at least one 🙂