The why of it all

General, Online shops, Urban life / Sunday, August 30th, 2020

For someone like me, an old lady with a full time job – getting my work out there is a daunting task. I do not have the time to post twice a day on instagram, twitter, youtube and whatnot. Nor do I really have the skill to do so, in that I am not familiar with the workflow that reduces the time needed to post so often. How do people do that! It is just amazing to me how everyone seemingly effortless are able to juggle so many tasks at once.

A typical day for me do not always include me logging in to either of these sites. It can even go days between me being on facebook. I do not have that habit ingrained in me, as many others even on my age. Thankfully, there are many people out there that willingly share their experience and knowledge freely with no cost. Like The futur on youtube. Loads of interesting and in-depth talks that at least in theory can teach me how to do this stuff. I am still struggling with the time aspect, and have not yet understood how people are able to balance life and social media consumption in this century. I am not really sure I will ever understand, as I had trouble understanding just a few years ago. Understand me right – I understand how it works, I am a nerd after all. I just do not always understand the why of it all.

I am a blog reader and a you tube viewer mostly. Those are still the two main channels for me, in addition to mainstream news. What has become more evident for me though is that I just have to figure out how to do it within the frame of my life, and build up the knowledge slowly. I can not go about it as someone much younger than me could. And, hopefully there are people out there that like my small tidbits, ramblings and odd stuff from up north. Are you one of those people that juggle life, kids, job, social media naturally? Then you have superpowers, and I am in awe!