About me

I have been using hammer and pliers for a few years now.  I have been attending a few classes, learning some new techniques, but am mostly self taught.  I strive for my work to be of such quality, that it is good enough to be passed on through generations. That means I pick the material I use with care, and the components I use in every piece is made to last.

Minerals have been an interest of mine as long as I can remember.  These beautiful gifts from mother earth are the core components of what I make. I love the combination of colour, of shapes and sizes and patterns. In addition comes the love for the craftsmanship that came before. Viking knit, money chains, metal working from the Viking Age – I love to read up on it and experiment. I also like to incorporate techniques from other countries.

This blog is my  journey to master the craft. I also write about gardening and other things of interest. I have another blog at tomi.no that deals with the challenges of living and working in a highly digital world.

English is a second language, and even though I do try to be as accurate as possible, accidents do happen…

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