August already?

General, Urban life / Friday, August 7th, 2020

My last post was from march, 4 days before we were sent home from work with the message that we need to work from home until further notice. I am quite certain I have had covid-19 already, as I had a few symptoms in the first week. General testing for antibodies has not started yet here, so I can’t be 100% sure.

It has been a few crazy months – living through a pandemic.During the first few weeks I felt guilty. Guilty for having a job and living in such a place that I was able to distance myself from others. Guilty for doing for the most part ok. The guilt has later subsided, but not entirely. I feel for all those that now are facing uncertainty, and I think about them every day and hope that this worldwide community we have build , the organizations and systems will be able to help all those in need. Even when their own government can not.

What a test of the democracies around the world. And a test of those governing bodies that are not. It seems it works as a Litmus test, whether you live in a functoning society or not. Chances are you knew that already, and this just proves it one way or the other.

I continue to craft in my spare time. It is as important to me as breathing. But the inspiration is not really there some days. And that is ok. I am heading back to work this week, still unsure what the atumn will bring. After working from home for so long I am looking forward to be with my colleagues again, even with limitations.

I hope you and yours are well. We will overcome this too, in the end.