From old patterns to modern wearables

Historical, Norway / Sunday, March 8th, 2020

Today I want to give a shout out to two that are a treasure trove of knowledge about old norwegian knitting patterns and more. I am of course refering to Arne and Carlos. Two very successfull designers, that also are very popular among the arts and crafts community here in Norway as well as in Sweden.

New coloring mittens from Arne & Carlos

They have written books, they have a youtube channel, they collaborate with yarn manufacturers and more. The duo consist of the norwegian Arne Nerjordet and the swedish Carlos Zachrison, and they live in Norway, in Valdres. They are very good at combining the old with the new, and are able to add something modern to ancient patterns. At their shop you can buy patterns for everything, from mittens to blankets.

My old knitted sweater. Pattern is “Himmelbuen (Heavens Arch” by Ellinor Flor.

I learned knitting when I was in school, although I am not an active knitter currently. I even tried something rather complicated once, “Himmelbuen” a pattern made by Ellinor Flor – another norwegian designer. Directly translated it would mean something like “Heavens Arch”. Ellinor Flor has been described as one of the front figures in the neo-traditional movement in Norway, working as Arne&Carlos in creating new and modern designs based on the old.

I have the sweater still, but it had an unpleasant encounter with a hook somewhere- and I am uncapable of figuring out how to save it. It is sort of beyond my current skillset. It took forever to complete, and when it was done I needed someone else to put it together. Maybe I will remember to get it done now, after this post. It is only a hole on the back elbow, I am sure someone skilled would use 5 minutes tops to fix it. When you are not a skilled one however… It is on my list. Do you have any of those unfinished repair jobs lying around?