Is it spring yet?

urban gardering, Urban life / Sunday, February 2nd, 2020

I am so confused right now. And a tad scared I must admit. This has been such a strange winter. We had some snow in december. I think it stuck around for 14 days, and it was gone. Last week we got some more snow, but it is gone now. People are reporting plants starting up way too early.

I do not know what to do. The last day of frost up here where I live is not usually until april/may. Will that change as well this year? Should I already now start up gardening? I am tempted to sow plants indoors already, but I know from past experience that it might be too early. When the plants are ready to be placed outdoors, the soil is not ready. I then need to care for loads of plants indoors, while waiting on warmer temperature. Or, that is how it used to be.

In 2017 we had a very very cold winter. Down to minus 18 celsius, which is about -0, 4 Fahrenheit. That is cold, even in this country. The cold did come late also then, maybe it will be the same this year. What to do , what to do..

I am following many gardeners on youtube, but it is a tad difficult to relate it sometimes to my situation here up in the north. Sara Bäckmo is an avid swedish gardener, and she writes books and articles, and make videos on the subject. I can relate better to what she is writing about, but she has a lot more space than I do. She also live in a milder climate than I do, she is further south. Even those that advertise with “This is how you grow food in your small garden” do not grow in such a small space as I do. “Small” is relative for sure.

The amount of space you have for gardening, is not at all proportionally related to the amount of joy you get from it though. Although I wish I had more room to grow more stuff, to test more things out, I still get so much joy from it all.