On dabbling in multiple crafts

General, water colour / Saturday, January 18th, 2020

I started dabbling in water color a year back, when I needed to let my right arm heal a bit. I have been following a few tutorials, and watched an insanely amount of videos on You Tube on the subject. I am not at all any good, but I have such joy in just creating something with colors.

Wetting a piece of water colour paper, and adding some water colour and let it move on it’s own, is just magical. I would not be me without proudly giving crafted things away to family and friends of course. Often times sooner than my skills should dictate. I sometimes wonder how they react in secret, when they yet again get something crafted – whatever that is. I am not sure why I am so willing to share what I make with others, usually a bit too early in the progression of skills… Maybe because I am always so happy to receive something others have made, and I think others are the same. No one have complained yet, but no one really would.

After I started with water colors I just had to paint christmas cards. Of course I needed to. A perfect way to hone some skills, and at the same time share with friends and family. The pictures show a few examples of what I have made so far. The fluffy tree is an idea from Ceecee, she has her own site here. She also posts fairly regularly on youtube. I just adore her approach to painting.

Do you do the same? Create something, and then promptly give it away? I at least was mindful to scan my cards so I have copies of them for later use.