Getting ready

It’s that time.

That time of the year when I need to wrap myself in 3 layers of wool, and head out in the snow to sell my jewelry.

This year I have 2 days at Norsk Folkemuséeum annual Christmas fair, at Bygdøy.  I have tested out various venues now over the last few years, and found a few I know I can do well at. This year I wanted to just go for the one at Bygdøy. I had a wonderful time there last year, so this is the one I am focusing on. It is much work these fairs, and I am not getting any younger.  I am so looking forward to it, even though the weather report says it will be -5 celsius. (23 fahrenheit) Hope people will still buy though, although I may have more success selling hot cocoa… Hoping!


Christmas fair at Norsk Folkemuseum Foto: Hakon Harris
Christmas fair at Norsk Folkemuseum Foto: Hakon Harris



Busy days

Christmas fair at Norsk Folkemuseum Foto: Pål Mork

And then it was time again. To become a saleswoman, or “kremmerkone” as it named in norwegian. I have contemplated setting up a booth earlier this year, but decided against it. We are heading into the most busy months for all that sell something. I am better off saving up some energy for those. I am having three fairs this winter. Two of them are new, and I am revisiting one of last year. The one where I actually sold something…

This year I have been accepted into the large Christmas Fair at Norsk Folkemuseum. I have no idea how that happened, but there you are.  We are talking heavy tradition here, and a large number of visitors. I am a bit scared. So scared I only signed up for one day.

Two of these fairs are outdoors. Ooof. Which is fine if you live in New Zealand this time of year. That wonderful place where they celebrate christmas on the beach.

This is sadly Norway, and I know it is going to hurt.  You simply cannot fend off cold for so many hours standing still, even if you are an expert in dressing yourself up for the weather.  It is going to be great though, a lovely experience.  Just look at that first picture. Don`t you agree?