Busy days

General, Mineral / Tuesday, September 16th, 2014

My time has not been my own since august. There has been so much to do with my daywork, and I have fallen behind in updating my inventory. I have however finished a necklace for a lovely lady that turned 40 recently. No pics alas. The big picture above is of another necklace of the same stone.  I was very happy with the result, and will probably make something similar again. Without a picture I am ensuring I am not making it exactly the same. Smart!

The stone I used in the necklace was Jasper Kambaba, A fun and special type of stone.

Jasper kumbaba earrings
Jasper kambaba earrings

Here it is used in earrings. It is not really a jasper, I am not sure why it is called that. Maybe because of the patterns. It is really a stromatolite with fossiled algea. Found in Madagascar, and as many of the minerals we carry in our ears and neck – millions of years old. Don`t you just love that. Wearing a piece of earths history!