Necklace, Technique, Wire / Saturday, April 12th, 2014
SKU# 38 detail pendant
Handcrafted necklace chain with wirewrapped aquamarine

I bought liver of sulfphur some time ago, and finally had time to test it out recently. I had seen some pieces that had been patinated with this technique, and loved the result.

This is a copper chain made by me. Each link connected with 2 jumprings. The focal is a wrapped aquamarine.

I just love the depth the patina adds.

In a few of the videos I saw on the subject, they said the copper darkened fast in contact with the liver of sulphur. They were not kidding! It happens in milliseconds if you use warm water. It happens slower if you use cold water.

It is quite the workload, getting the right colour – you need to polish it down afterwards.