On the workbench in july

General, Mineral, Technique, Wire / Wednesday, July 23rd, 2014
workbench july2014
Wrapped thulite and kyanite with copper wire.

Even though the summer in Oslo is crazy hot, I have managed to do something at my workbench. Not at all as much as I wanted, but a few things.

I want to wrap stones from Norway specifically, and hopefully in such a fashion that it looks nice on a necklace. I have experimented with different solutions. This is still a work in progress.





Viking knit bezel wrapped olivine with copper wire.

I like to keep it simple, so that the stone is not covered in wirewrap. This is a viking knit bezel wrap,mostly suited for stones that are round. The stone is an olivine.

wrapped kyanite
Border wrapped kyanite with sterling silver wire.

When I was in Bergen earlier this year I stumbled over a stone shop at Bryggen. There I found this amazing Kyanite, that shows off the structure of the mineral so nicely. I was a bit afraid I could break it, but it survived both the wrap and the tumbling.

Here I have used silver sterling wire. Initially I tried one in copper, but the stone demanded silver.




wrapped thulitt
Borderwrapped thulite with copper wire

One stone I particularly am fond of is this. the thulite – the national stone of Norway in some eyes. It is named thulite after Thule, the ancient name for Norway. This one is from Lom.  I just adore this colour.

I am trying to stock up more of this whenever I can.