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Kyanite earrings


I do not know why, but I always come back to this colour. The blue . Light and dark . I try to make other things with other colours, and sometimes I succeed. Then I need to make something blue again. The name Kyanite comes from the Greek word “kyanos” – meaning blue. If you are into geology, there is plenty of information over at  mindat, an excellent source of information on all things mineral.  If you are into the metaphysical aspect of things, the stone is “unlimited in application” according to a website. Not so happy with the picture though, it is a constant work in progress.

Happy new year!

A bit late for this greeting perhaps, but this shiny new year is not that old, yet. King Winter decided to come over for a visit to this city of mine, after holding out on us for so long. If you commute now, you can see them – all these sporty types carrying their ski up to where the snow lies deep. Which is 30-45 min from city center. I am not so often out there in the woods during this time of year, but I just love that I have the possibility just a few meters from my door.  I could! If I wanted to.

December was rather hectic for me with two shows, preparing and packing for those. I learned so much and had such a great time. I sold much more on my second try, the visitors fit my segment better. But I just had to take some time off from my working table.  So I have not even pondered making something new for a rather long time, just using this time for other things. Getting back to work!

The goals for this year is learning some new techniques, mastering a few old ones – and keep testing venues where I can sell my work.

I ordered a “happy new year present” for myself, so I had something to start working on. All from Magpie. They had a store wide sale that I felt i could not miss out on, especially since the norwegian currency is so low now in value.  It has not arrived yet – this one has to go through customs as well. In no particular order you see kyanite, moonstone, tourmalin, labradorite, citrine, peridot and apatite. Can`t wait for this to arrive!

Latest order from Magpie.
Latest order from Magpie.


On the workbench in july

workbench july2014
Wrapped thulite and kyanite with copper wire.
Viking knit bezel wrapped olivine with copper wire.


Even though the summer in Oslo is crazy hot, I have managed to do something at my workbench. Not at all as much as I wanted, but a few things.

I want to wrap stones from Norway specifically, and hopefully in such a fashion that it looks nice on a necklace. I have experimented with different solutions. This is still a work in progress.

I like to keep it simple, so that the stone is not covered in wirewrap. This is a viking knit bezel wrap,mostly suited for stones that are round. The stone is an olivine.



wrapped kyanite
Border wrapped kyanite with sterling silver wire.


When I was in Bergen earlier this year I stumbled over a stone shop at Bryggen. There I found this amazing Kyanite, that shows off the structure of the mineral so nicely. I was a bit afraid I could break it, but it survived both the wrap and the tumbling.

Here I have used silver sterling wire. Initially I tried one in copper, but the stone demanded silver.




wrapped thulitt
Borderwrapped thulite with copper wire


One stone I particularly am fond of is this. the thulite – the national stone of Norway in some eyes. It is named thulite after Thule, the ancient name for Norway. This one is from Lom.  I just adore this colour.

I am trying to stock up more of this whenever I can.


Adding some bling

kyanite og aquamarine
Kyanite and aquamarine, with sterling silver chain and beads

Making daily jewelry for ages 20 and up is a daunting task for me. They like a completely different style than my own. Simple, with a dash of luxury. Big chunky is a no no, metal coloured yes – but not extensive use of colour. That was at least what I saw my nieces were wearing. I used a simple sterling silver chain and added beautiful kyanite and aquamarine. Some windowed sterling silver beads gave it a bling factor.