Happy new year!

General, Mineral, Online shops, Show / Saturday, January 24th, 2015

A bit late for this greeting perhaps, but this shiny new year is not that old, yet. King Winter decided to come over for a visit to this city of mine, after holding out on us for so long. If you commute now, you can see them – all these sporty types carrying their ski up to where the snow lies deep. Which is 30-45 min from city center. I am not so often out there in the woods during this time of year, but I just love that I have the possibility just a few meters from my door.  I could! If I wanted to.

December was rather hectic for me with two shows, preparing and packing for those. I learned so much and had such a great time. I sold much more on my second try, the visitors fit my segment better. But I just had to take some time off from my working table.  So I have not even pondered making something new for a rather long time, just using this time for other things. Getting back to work!

The goals for this year is learning some new techniques, mastering a few old ones – and keep testing venues where I can sell my work.

I ordered a “happy new year present” for myself, so I had something to start working on. All from Magpie. They had a store wide sale that I felt i could not miss out on, especially since the norwegian currency is so low now in value.  It has not arrived yet – this one has to go through customs as well. In no particular order you see kyanite, moonstone, tourmalin, labradorite, citrine, peridot and apatite. Can`t wait for this to arrive!

Latest order from Magpie.
Latest order from Magpie.