A day to pause

General, Urban life / Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015

Reading my online newspapers today they are full of remembrance. Memories of that day four years ago when Norway lost it`s innocence.  We all feel a deep sorrow, and it resurfaces every year on this day. It`s a day for tears.

It is also a day for love and hope. It was also the day and weeks where the nation pulled together. Days when complete strangers comforted you on the subway, or we simply just cried together a bit.  For norwegians, such behaviour is unheard of. But we did it then.

Days before I started making this simple earring, with the words love and hope stamped inside. I have made a pair for myself as well.

Aqua copper earrings , apatite earrings
Aqua copper earrings , apatite earrings