Working on earrings

General, Mineral / Monday, March 17th, 2014
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Earrings with nephrite jade, ceramic leaves, copper spacers and gold filled wire

I love making necklaces really. Mostly since that is what I have used most myself. I don`t even think of making bracelets if I do not push myself to do it. Earrings of course, is another matter entirely. They are a must do, must have. But oh so tedious and difficult to make. One would think making earrings was easier than necklaces, but for me they are not. Think of it as working with a huuuge canvas, and a tiny microscopic one. I am one of those that enjoy the first the best.  Creating more earrings is on my to do list for sure.

And then theres the challenge in creating both pieces equally long. I have picked up a few techniques along the way, and do not struggle so much as I did in the beginning. It is still a full focus work though.

The pictured earrings are made of nephrite jade, and a pair of ceramic leaves I bought a while back from Earthenwood studios. Copper spacers and gold filled handmade wraps and ear ring wire. I am quite happy with these, they look gorgeous. The colour of the nephrite jade is just mesmerizing.