General, Mineral / Friday, March 28th, 2014
SKU# 35 detail moldavite
The picture is taken with the sun as backdrop, in regular light it is more of a dullish dark green colour.

Moldavite is the result of a meteorite impact in Bavaria 15 million years ago. It is a form of glass, produced in the immense heat after the impact. I bought this piece from Magpie, my favorite gemstoneseller online.

It already came with a border wrap in sterling silver, so the choice of wire to use was obvious. I would have made that choice anyway, since this piece was quite costly. Moldavite is of the more expensive mineral to buy, since it only exists in a few locations and the source will be depleted in a few years. This is not AAA quality, those are more transparent than mine is.

I made a chain using sterling silver wire, and experimented with various solutions to combine it with. The one I ended up with was the best choice, it hangs beautifully on the neck. The challenge was to find a combination that would let the long link on each side lay correctly, and not twist.

Now I am contemplating whether I should oxidize the silver or not. Choices, choices.