Welcome 2016

General, urban gardering, Urban life / Sunday, January 31st, 2016

The year is a month old already.  Day has gained as much as 50 minutes from new year’s eve. I am looking longingly out the window and towards my tiny garden. My garden app on my phone reminds me that I need to tend to the bushes and small trees. How exciting!

utsyn romsås
View across the Grorud Valley, Oslo

A few weeks ago I received a seed magazine. You can order either via snail mail or online. I spent that entire day just browsing. Sadly, I do not have the space required to grow much from seeds.  I have tried, and failed miserably. However, I will add a top to one of the raised garden beds – making it possible to start a tad early with some plants.

I am counting days, and daylight minutes.