Wire work

Technique, Wire / Sunday, June 16th, 2013
bracelet bronzitte rosen
Bronzite and rosenquartz bracelet

While stringing beads on a wire really doesn`t feel like much of an accomplishment, getting a wire loop just right does. Theres something about working with wire that appeals to me. A combination of my previous hobbies perhaps, or maybe just the feeling that you are adding a real craft to your design.  I am still working on getting the technique just right. The tutorials made by Rena Klingenberg has been a tremendous help. I am also looking forward to a wire working class she has been producing that is available soon. Just hope it will not be too costly. Although I have no intention of selling my jewelry just yet, I have found the above mentioned site very useful.

Getting that professional look to your piece, is certainly not that easy. I had to redo the bracelet a couple of times, until I was happy with the result.