Turquoise – what is and isnt

General / Tuesday, June 4th, 2013
Is this turquoise?

I find it extremely difficult to know whether the turquoise I buy is the real thing, or just some manmade mock up. There are so many different terms in use, I am terribly confused. This is what I have gathered so far, do tell me if any of this is wrong – thanks.

  • Stabilized – means that the gemstone is processed afterwards to preserve the colour, and to prevent marks.
  • Dyed – Using another gemstone such as magnesite as base and then colour it as turquoise.
  • Composite – turquoise dust really, that has been mixed with resin or other glue to harden it. Some refer to this as reconstituted turqoise.

And all the variations between.

Now one should think that it`s rather easy – with vendors marking their wares appropiately. It isn`t of course. I have bought a few pendants that was marked as turquoise – but the price told me otherwise. I have no idea what it is though. Composite perhaps? I do hope so, then it`s still the real thing – after a fashion. ..