What’s up with that ?

General, Norway, Urban life / Saturday, September 23rd, 2017
Tangled metal wire. Yeah, that was fun…

You know how these workshops, studies, hobby rooms tend to be … crowded. Mostly, even if it looks messy, the owner will know where everything is – cause everything has it’s own place.

It can be tidy, it can be messy – but everything has it’s own place. Right?  Yes.

I have one of those. Small, but very organized studio. Eveything in boxes and shelves. For some reason I  very often find myself searching for that tool I just placed right.. there , in the open  – and when I need it, it is not there. At all. Searching around for it nearby will usually be futile as well. Sometimes I move on, without the tool. Other times I just spend hours searching for it. When it does show up, as it always do after some time, it is in a place I would never have thought of putting it. What is up with that ? What is happening? Am I getting blackouts now?  Is this an age thing? Does this happen to you ?  Ooof.

Some days are worse than others I have noticed.

There is not much to be done about it I suppose, other than to be patient while you search. Listen to some music perhaps. Going through some ideas in your head for new things to make , when you find this .. tool.

Or take a breather and  write a blog post about it.

Ok, back into the fray!