On mexican pleating and norwegian knitting

General, Show / Friday, November 27th, 2015

My first market of the year is finished.  It was a local arts & crafts fair, where people sold what they had produced during the year. It was everything you would expect of a norwegian arts & crafts market. From the traditional woodcarving and knitting, to more international crafts like mexican pleating.

On the other side of the narrow corridor that separated my table from the next one, there was a stack of “Selbuvotter” when we started early saturday morning. It was amazing to see how it decreased in size as time went on.  They will probably always sell well, they are very popular – but the price here was also inviting. I don’t think any was left on sunday afternoon. Sadly, I have no picture of them – but internet is full of them anyway.

Row of knitted mittens at local arts & crafts fair

Knitted items are always popular. Even though most of us learn the craft at school, it always sell well. Mittens, socks, sweaters, jacket (or the older Norwegian word “kofte”) We just love this stuff.  It takes crazy amounts of time, and since many know how  – we appreciate the time spent.   It also means the competition is fierce, but the variety in what is offered is always interesting.

The competition on jewelry is always fierce as well, and this market was not an exception. I still sold a few items, thankfully.  The viking knitted thulite necklace started it’s journey there.  Bought as a farewell present for a co-worker, by other coworkers who had piled coins together to get her something. I was rather humbled and proud that they decided to choose one of my pieces.  May it serve her well in the years to come.

I have two other markets coming up.  These are the cold, outdoors ones. I am slowly adding things that I want to take with me, trying to offer something different from last year.  I so look forward to the experience.