General / Friday, July 5th, 2013
chainmaille heavy
Chainmaille byzantine weave necklace

I really need a bust to be able to depict these kind of necklaces in a good way. Chainmaille tend to look rather flat when not worn. Only around a neck or a wrist do these shine. They look so intricate, so timeconsuming – and they have this flare of history around them. I fell in love with this technique the moment I saw it, but didn`t think I would be able to make one of my own. It turned out it wasn`t that difficult to learn. This weave at least which is called byzantine weave, or Kongelenke in norwegian. There are other weaves out there that are far more complicated, but I just adore this one. The rings are copper 18g 3/16″ID and the necklace is 55 cm long. It`s a heavy necklace, rough in it`s build, and more suited for a man. It weighs 74g, and I imagine I would get tired wearing it after awhile. It tarnishes rather quickly – maybe faster after I had it in the tumbler awhile. I can always tumble it again, but perhaps the new owner likes it this way – less shiny. The owner being my son that thought this weave looked so cool he just had to have it. Isn`t that just great 🙂