Spring – I think

General, Technique, Wire / Friday, May 20th, 2016

With the celebrations for 17th of May over and done with, I think I can assume spring is here. I have experienced snow walking the streets on that date, but not this year. Huzzah! Starting to get a breather at work, and able to work on a few more pieces. I am back with my first love, the copper wire. I love the feel, smell and flow of it. I am currently working on the art nouveau inspired necklace design I just love.

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Art Nouveau inspired necklace. Here with an aquamarine pendant



The mineral I am working with at the moment is Angelite  (Anhydrite) from Peru. I do wonder sometimes how some of these names have come to be. The colour is baby blue ish -and it is a very soft stone, only 3,5 on Mohs scale.  So soft I do not dare to tumble it with the copper wire.