Norwegian summer

General, Norway, Online shops / Monday, July 8th, 2019

Thankfully, this summer is an old traditional norwegian summer. Where it rains a bit, there is some wind, there is more rain, clouds, and full sun. All during an hour. And the day go by like that. I love it. The temperature is just about right. Not too warm, but warm enough so you understand it is summer. Last year was horrible. I was in Mexico once – where you could sit all still and still be sweating. It was like this here in the capital last year. I was so tired when the vacation was over, and had not been able to do a thing creative at all.

It has been a bit quiet here for some time. Reasons are:

  • I took another course at the university
  • I got a new job

Both these took a lot of time and energy, but I think I am getting the hang of things at last. I am working on getting a shop in norwegian set up under this domain, and will ask people from other countries to shop from Etsy. I tried to combine english and norwegian on this site – but it was just a mess.

Of course, you are welcome to read the descriptions in norwegian if you like, and see if there are some words you understand. But for your convience – Etsy might be better. The norwegian shop is not yet ready, there is still much to add there – it is a work in progress. Most things must be.

I hope you have a fantastic summer, and that the temperature where you are is just how you like it to be.