Slow TV programs bought by Netflix

Not something craftish – but this was so fun I had to share. NRK – the public broadcast company in Norway has made what they have called Slow TV. Programs that lasts for hours, like the travel by train from Oslo to Bergen, all 7 hours of it.  Or the ferry Hurtigruten, along the whole coast of Norway – ca 135 hours.

I have watched parts of these, and they are strangely captivating. 

Now Netflix have bought 2 of these.  Make sure you get to view at least one 🙂


That’s right. I am again testing out some sale software, and have set most of my jewelry on Etsy on sale. 20% off for the rest of july. Since I set my prices in my own currency, NOK, so I will not get too confused – you will see the old price in NOK as well.  You will still see the sale price in whatever currency you like to see on Etsy.

This is why it’s good to test things!