The leather cord

leather cords and pendants
From left to right: Picture Jasper, Turqoise and onyx ring with picture jasper inside.

This simple design has been with us for a very long time. A leather cord with a pendant hanging loose around the neck.

It`s such a versatile necklace, especially when you can change both the leather cord and the pendant. Idea from Klingenberg again.

I have made a few of these in black, dark brown and light leather – along with some wire wrapped pendants. They are great for every day use, or as some like to call it – denim style.They weight almost next to nothing as well. The cords are wrapped with half round copper wire 18 ga, and the clasp is made from 18 or 20 ga round wire.


chainmaille heavy
Chainmaille byzantine weave necklace

I really need a bust to be able to depict these kind of necklaces in a good way. Chainmaille tend to look rather flat when not worn. Only around a neck or a wrist do these shine. They look so intricate, so timeconsuming – and they have this flare of history around them. I fell in love with this technique the moment I saw it, but didn`t think I would be able to make one of my own. It turned out it wasn`t that difficult to learn. This weave at least which is called byzantine weave, or Kongelenke in norwegian. There are other weaves out there that are far more complicated, but I just adore this one. The rings are copper 18g 3/16″ID and the necklace is 55 cm long. It`s a heavy necklace, rough in it`s build, and more suited for a man. It weighs 74g, and I imagine I would get tired wearing it after awhile. It tarnishes rather quickly – maybe faster after I had it in the tumbler awhile. I can always tumble it again, but perhaps the new owner likes it this way – less shiny. The owner being my son that thought this weave looked so cool he just had to have it. Isn`t that just great 🙂