Opening crafts.tomi shop


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I am so excited! For awhile now I have been working on getting an online commerce solution up and running on this site .  The major hurdle was choosing which one of the many different payment solutions I wanted to add. There are many options, but most of them are rather costly with monthly fees. I ended up going for two  that only charge a fee whenever I sell something.  Paypal and Stripe.  Installing the plug in WooCommerce went without a glitch, but I had to have some help getting the SSL-certificate installed.  Now all I have to do is actually adding products. Whew!

So why going through all this trouble? I like working out from my own site, as I see the commercial ones changing the algorithm often. It can sometimes be time consuming to keep up.  I want to test this out for a bit, and see where it leads. Besides, it is fun doing new things. I will continue to add to my Etsy shop , as well as doing a few shows every year.


It’s alive!

handmadeEarlier this year, it became clear that Amazon had plans to add a handmade section to their site. That was exciting, as they can offer a much larger market than Etsy. On the other hand, the user of Etsy is perhaps more used to the handmade nature of things, and are more willing to pay what handmade costs.

The sellers were screened beforehand, and you needed to fill in an application for it – so I did. And was accepted! The first year they are wavering their monthly fee, so you can check it out first. What they charge when you sell something is not cheap however.

In any case, I found this to be very interesting on many levels, so I have worked to be able to have a few listings ready when it opened. Since they use a different photo set up I need to take them again. Oof. From the looks of it, the search algorithm is something entirely different from Etsy, and many have already been vocal against the “clumping” – that you see many items from only one shop in your search result. The same thing that made me decide against using the norwegian Epla at first. Maybe they will change this at a later date, for handmade at least.

I am still not entirely satisfied with my own little corner over there, that is why I do not link to it yet. But I will for sure, when it is ready.