Opening crafts.tomi shop


Grønn turkis , sølv og grønne øreringer , ekte turkis , briolette øreringer , håndlaget i Norge

I am so excited! For awhile now I have been working on getting an online commerce solution up and running on this site .  The major hurdle was choosing which one of the many different payment solutions I wanted to add. There are many options, but most of them are rather costly with monthly fees. I ended up going for two  that only charge a fee whenever I sell something.  Paypal and Stripe.  Installing the plug in WooCommerce went without a glitch, but I had to have some help getting the SSL-certificate installed.  Now all I have to do is actually adding products. Whew!

So why going through all this trouble? I like working out from my own site, as I see the commercial ones changing the algorithm often. It can sometimes be time consuming to keep up.  I want to test this out for a bit, and see where it leads. Besides, it is fun doing new things. I will continue to add to my Etsy shop , as well as doing a few shows every year.


Shopping online

There are many sites that sell all sorts of tools for jewelry along with beads of all shapes and sizes. We have a few here locally, but most of my beads I buy from US or UK. I cannot buy for more than 32 $ at a time, or otherwise I will be charged custom duty plus a handling fee. That means I am usually looking for stores that can offer a cheap shipment option to my country. The larger stores offer as the cheapest solution a cost for shipment at 35 $. That is very expensive for items like headpins at 32$.

I have found that the smaller stores have a better shipment option, ranging from 6$ and upwards. Places like Magpie Gemstones, Lytha Studios, Auntie Beads with others are good places to shop from Norway. Grenland Stein & Sølv is an option if you don`t want to import. Especially on tools that is a bit on the heavy side.