Soon now…

I think we have seen the last of snow for now. We had a few centimeters early this week. It is all gone now. I had been a bit too optimistic, and planted out some green plants already. Sigh.  Yeah.  Might need to replant that.

The Castle Park in Oslo. Just so I remember how green looks like.  Photo – tomicrafts

I have been working on posting a few more items in my Etsy shop, but my day job has been my primary focus these past months. I am looking forward to getting back to the bench soon.

First, it’s all about celebrating 17th of May, our National Day this coming week.

The booth

My stand - a work in progress.  Still working on the jewerly displays-
My stand – a work in progress. Still working on the jewerly displays.

It feels good to no longer be a novice at craft shows. Now I can say I have been there and done that. I didn`t sell all that much, the venue and customer group was a bit off for my kind of products. What I gained in experience though was invaluable. I talked a lot with many friendly people, and the show was very well visited. There was a trickle of people all the time during both days. I want to try it out next year, and see if I can do better.  Across from my stand I had a lovely lady who sold candles. Norwegians use candles a lot, especially during those dark winter months. To the left I had a lady who sold baby slippers of sheep wool, and other products in that category. She also sold Pinnekjøtt, which I of course promptly bought.  It is my favourite christmas eve dinner along with Beer and Akvavit.

I brought with me some copper wire, and got to work a bit. Although sales were down, many visited my booth. Next year I need to make something affordable for those little girls who drags their parents to my booth, attracted by the sparkle. Something that is not just rubbish, but simple enough that they can afford it. Something fun! I need to ponder that.

A piece of Norway

Larvikite wirewrapped pendant

This little beauty is Larvikitt, the national stone of Norway. It is often used as a decoratve facade on buildings. It is not that often used as gemstone like here.

On the photo you can clearly see the sheen that is so characteristic.

I have bought the stone from a local rock-hound, and wrapped it using square and half round copper wire. A gift for one of my swedish nephews. This way he always carries a piece of Norway with him. That is the intention at least.

I have seen round beads of Larvikite for sale on an american website. I was tempted to buy, but it felt sort of silly – buying a stone that I am practically sitting on from US, and that probably has been cut and tumbled in China.