Another favourite bead shop

Photo by stephane_p on Flickr

I wrote about the quest to find good sources of quality beads about 3 years ago. Back then I shared information about the shop I found, Magpie Gemstones.  I no longer buy gemstone beads so often as I once did, but when I do  – I often end up buying from Magpie. I also try to shop from another good source of quality beads, Nelson Beads.

As Magpie, Joanne at Nelson beads will give you all information you need to make a knowledgeable purchase.  She focuses on round gemstone beads, and has a variety of different gemstones. Some of the beads she carry are absolutely gorgeous. Just check out her golden obsidian for example. I have made myself a pair of earrings using these, and I just love them.  She also carried some remarkable rose quartz beads from Madagascar, that was of a much higher quality than the usual dyed Chinese stuff I had previously bought. She no longer have that available, but wrote she might get some more in the future.

I am not affiliated with Nelson Beads at all, nor Magpie. I just want both these shops to thrive and prosper, so I can continue to buy from them when the need arise. I stumbled upon both from blog posts such as this one. Here is hoping they both get more customers because of my blog post.

Rose quartz

Genuine rose quartz  and sterling silver earrings 

After a few years as an aspiring artisan, I notice I am getting even more picky choosing what I want to work with. I am happy that I went into this thinking I needed to know where the gemstones originated.  I am also always looking for trustworthy sellers of gemstones, that can offer me variations my usual suppliers can not.

Fast forward to my newly bought strand of rose quartz from Madagascar.  These are oh so delicate and lovely. While the pink colour is not so saturated, it is natural after all, the quality of these are just stunning.

Rose quartz should always be stored in a dark place, as it can lose it’s colour very fast if  exposed to direct sunlight.