Rose quartz

Genuine rose quartz  and sterling silver earrings 

After a few years as an aspiring artisan, I notice I am getting even more picky choosing what I want to work with. I am happy that I went into this thinking I needed to know where the gemstones originated.  I am also always looking for trustworthy sellers of gemstones, that can offer me variations my usual suppliers can not.

Fast forward to my newly bought strand of rose quartz from Madagascar.  These are oh so delicate and lovely. While the pink colour is not so saturated, it is natural after all, the quality of these are just stunning.

Rose quartz should always be stored in a dark place, as it can lose it’s colour very fast if  exposed to direct sunlight.

Tiger`s eye

Tiger`s eye
Tiger eye pendant gemstones

These are four tiger`s eye gemstone pendants I bought quite some time ago. I have an ever growing stash of stones I consider to be pretty. Pretty enough to store and hope for a time where I can sit down and create something with them.

Tiger`s eye almost let you think it`s not cold stone at all, but a fabric. Something that will feel soft to the touch. The shimmer feeling almost like folded silk. Especially when light falls on it in special angles, making the chatoyence of the stone come to life.

I am thinking these will eventually become parts of bracelets. The focal of course.