Creating luxury

General, Necklace / Sunday, December 29th, 2013
Turkis og rubin
Turqoise and raw ruby necklace, with goldfilled wire and beads

It is becoming clear to me that I want to create something that lasts for generations. Why else would I want to spend so much time hovered over tiny things I can hardly see. Whether that is with wire or simple beads on a string, it must feel like it could be handed over – in time. That is certainly my goal at least. I am not always able to meet that requirement, novice as I am. But it is good to have goals indeed.

That is why I now always use the most expensive beading wire, the 49 strand. It may be overkill in some projects for sure, but for me it adds to the quality. In addition I only use sterling silver crimp beads, and I am adding 2 at each side. I have also started using wire guardians – which also might be over the top in some projects, but that also adds to the overall quality of it.

This necklace is my most expensive one to date. Natural raw rubies in different sizes, natural turqoise and gold fiilled beads and wire. To follow through it should have had a gold filled chain as well, but I didn`t have one at the time. Maybe I can add one later – however the copper chain is hidden by her hair and do not detract from the piece visually in any way. It was a christmas gift for my sister, and it looks stunning on.

Update: I have changed the chain now with bronze handcrafted. Getting a goldfilled chain the width required here would break my budget. I switched it with a bronze chain – that has the same colour as the goldfilled when it is shined up a bit. No pictures alas, but trust me when I say it looks stunning.