The personal touch

Carneol og korall
Dyed coral and natural carneol necklace

My sister in law likes colourful, chunky necklaces. Patterns, structures, statement pieces. When I was planning a gift for her before christmas I almost pulled my hair out, since few of my beads are of the big variety.

This is what I came up with, after days and week of planning. This combination was something I felt was in line with what she usually wants to wear.  The big focal bead is a carneol, rich in colour, as is the more yellow toned beads.

Now I just hope my research and planning paid off, and that this is something she will want to wear often.

Adding some bling

kyanite og aquamarine
Kyanite and aquamarine, with sterling silver chain and beads

Making daily jewelry for ages 20 and up is a daunting task for me. They like a completely different style than my own. Simple, with a dash of luxury. Big chunky is a no no, metal coloured yes – but not extensive use of colour. That was at least what I saw my nieces were wearing. I used a simple sterling silver chain and added beautiful kyanite and aquamarine. Some windowed sterling silver beads gave it a bling factor.