First show

General, Show / Tuesday, November 18th, 2014

I am having my first show ever in 10 days, and busy preparing what I need. It is not enough to remember to take with me my jewelry, I also need all sorts of other things like display, receipts, change for those that pay with cash, and a million other things I need to remember. I hope I will get at least enough sales to cover my expenses for the trip. Mostly I consider this a valuable learning experience. I am very excited and looking forward to it.

What I do need to consider is how to spend my time between sales. I am booked for two whole days, and need to have something with me to keep me busy. Whenever I am visiting shows as a buyer I am always interested in looking at crafters working on their craft.  I assume I am not so different from others there. So I need to take with me something that shows off my skills a bit, and at the same time do not require total silence and focus. Something I can let go of and easily get back to.

I am still pondering that one.

Here is a pic of some boxes I have made for earrings and sole pendants. I need to make more of these for sure. After spending a few hours making these I think maybe buying pre made ones wasn`t such a bad idea after all…

Boxes for earrings