Venetian glass

Bronze chain necklace with Klimt-inspired Murano glass heart pendant

As I wrote in an earlier post, I have gradually learned to love glass beads as elements that adds quality and colour. Not just any glass beads though. Not “Made in China” even though so many are. If you have stared into the depths of Venetian Glass, you know what I mean.

I have had this glass heart for quite some time, wondering what to do with it. A Murano glass line inspired by Gustav Klimt. After some pondering I decided it needed to stand alone, just accentuated with a hand crafted chain. I love my hand crafted chains. I enjoy the meticulous work involved in making these. This one is inspired by the old money chains, where you could remove one link and barter for items. Of course, back then the metal was a more valuable one than the bronze wire I have used here.

It is made as a long Y – necklace, measuring 79 cm in total. The tip of the Y is a traditional 2 in 1 chainmaille chain made of jumprings.

The sun was shining bright today. I just grabbed everything and went outside on the grass. Of course, with the sun as my main light source – there is bound to be some strong shadows. Maybe I need to retake the photo. Hmm..

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Handcrafted links

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Bronze handcrafted and hammered necklace

The necklace is made out of 28 handmade links, joined together by jumprings. The size of the bronze wire is of the more bigger variety. If you want to wear this you cannot be shy. It`s bold and beatiful, and shiny. Each link is hammered slightly to give it some sparkle and shine. I love it, and I will make one just for me as well.

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Bronze handcrafted and hammered necklace, total


Different handmade envelopes ready to transport jewelry.

I bought some scrapbook design sheets in a local store, both one – and two sided. I am trying different ways to ship my pieces, and making envelopes from these is one of them. I have the regular boxes as well, but I am enjoying adding something a bit more personal if and when I can. It is an ongoing project, finding the right combination of paper and wrappings. Aren`t those colours gorgeous?

Finding the right glue that holds these together, and at the same time do not leave a mess – proves to be another obstacle. Who would have thought such a simple thing required so much testing. I still have not found the right brand for what I want. Still looking.