Even more patina

SKU# 47 detail
Patinated copper rose ring
SKU# 48 ring
Patinated copper rose ring, total

I am having so much fun with the liver of sulphur this month. Feels like whatever I am making these days, have to be dipped into the mix. Latest test was these bangles, made with some very heavy copper wire 12 ga. A plain loop is given such texture after a quick dip.


Or this ring for example. So easy to make, and so nice on after a short stop in the LoS bath.

I seal all these items with wax afterwards. I invested in a tiny box of renaissance wax, the most pro wax on the market. The one British musem has made for themselves, and that is now sold all over the world.


SKU# 38 detail pendant
Handcrafted necklace chain with wirewrapped aquamarine

I bought liver of sulfphur some time ago, and finally had time to test it out recently. I had seen some pieces that had been patinated with this technique, and loved the result.

This is a copper chain made by me. Each link connected with 2 jumprings. The focal is a wrapped aquamarine.

I just love the depth the patina adds.

In a few of the videos I saw on the subject, they said the copper darkened fast in contact with the liver of sulphur. They were not kidding! It happens in milliseconds if you use warm water. It happens slower if you use cold water.

It is quite the workload, getting the right colour – you need to polish it down afterwards.

My favourite shop- a love story

First off, I am in no way affiliated with the shop, nor am I paid to write about it. I just want to share my experience with it – since there are so many other sources out there of a more dubious nature. It is a challenge finding a good source of good quality beads to a good price, and know you are buying from a trustworthy seller.

I started out slowly in march 2013, buying a few beads here and there while I invested loads of time into tutorials. I was not really happy with my purchases, either from domestic or foreign online sellers. Thankfully I was on a small business trip to Copenhagen and found a good shop there. Home I fondled these new beads for awhile, making  – and eventually breaking what I made with them.

I added tons of shops as bookmarks in my web browser, and continued to buy from a few.  I really didn`t know what I was buying, since the descriptions were so scarce. Then, of pure happenstance, I stumbled on the site Magpie Gemstones – and my interest was peeked. Here was someone that took pride in picking the best quality for her customers, that added all the information needed to make a good buyer decision – and included everything. But alas – she was on the move and the shop was closed!

I waited, and waited. Months went by – and I continued to check the site –  drooling over the lovely pictures.

I made my first order on the site at the start of august 2013. I knew what I was getting, how they would look like, where the beads were from and what had been done to them. I also was sure I would be pleased. The shipping was speedy – a week from there to here is speedy, and not expensive. This is very important to me, as I have written about before.

After that first buy I have continued to buy from the same shop. Most of my beads now are bought there. I need to get wire and findings elsewhere, but the beads are from Magpie.

The owner, Szarka Dianne Carter, has made an interview that is a good read. You can also check out her tutorials on you tube.

I hope her company will continue to grow, and that even then she will be able to give the same quality service she does now.