Finding the right combination

Kumihimo necklace with african opal heishi beads, copper beads and porcelain angel pendant.

I bought this porcelain angel many months ago, with a specific someone in mind. Finding the right combination of material that did not detract from the focal piece, proved to be a challenge.

The Kumihimo braid was the easier part – then I tried many different gemstones to mix it with. Any colour would lead the eye to the gemstones, not the focal. The africal opal is perfect for this I think – adding some bit of colour, but not detracting from it. The copper gives the whole piece a warm tone, and a nice contrast to the white.

The recipient of the piece enjoyed it as well, which is a great reward for an aspiring artisan.


labradorite 3
Labradorite and sterling silver necklace

I had never heard of this shimmering mineral until I found it in an online shop. Totally mesmerized I just had to order some. I bought 3 strands in different shapes and sizes, and could finally make my labradorite necklace. I have a lovely pendant as well just waiting for me to get skilled enough to make a borderwrap. A picture just do not do this wonderful piece of nature justice. The stones I bought varies in fire, some are almost grey, while others shimmers in red, blue, green, purple depending on how light falls on them. I added some extra luxury to the piece, using sterling silver spacers and clasp. More pictures in the gallery.